WebPress Content Management Software Solutions

When it comes to eBusiness there are many “solutions” out there. Many of them make extraordinary claims and offer overblown features in an effort to fit everyone’s eBusiness needs into a single product. However, when it comes to a professional eBusiness solution, your company should not have to “try” and fit its specific needs into an “out-of-the-box” solution.

WebPress – Content Management Solution for Small Business

The WebPress content management system was designed with the growing small business and corporate team in mind. The result is a feature rich, affordable, Content Management Solution for small business that can empower your business or corporate team with web content management tools once only afforded by Fortune 500 companies. From company websites to Intranet applications, WebPress offers a flexible and robust content management solution for the growing small business. The WebPress content management software solution offers an easy and affordable way to manage the most important asset of your website: its content.

WebPress Pro – Enterprise Content Management Software

WebPress Pro was designed with big business in mind. The result is a feature rich Enterprise Content Management Software Solution that can empower your corporation with powerful web content management tools to deliver a Fortune 500 performance. From corporate websites to large-scale corporate Intranet applications, WebPress Pro offers a customizable and robust enterprise content management software solution. WebPress Pro is the easiest and most affordable way to manage corporate assets via the web.

  • OnPageTM the only true in-line web content editing tool
  • Robust WYSIWYG content editing tools
  • Distributed workload via a collaborative work environment
  • Managed approval process and workflow for web content
  • Quick and easy integration into your existing website
  • Scalability to meet the diverse needs of a large business
  • Cost-effective web content management solution
  • Secure (require login) specific website content by Category
  • LDAP log on supported
  • Cross-content relationship linking
  • Search engine friendly content management architecture
  • Built with search engine optimization technology to improve search engine ranking

WebPress Pro ML – Multilingual Content Management System

With the advent of the Internet and eBusiness, companies must now think global, multilingual. To ensure success for any eBusiness strategy, content prepared for the Web must be localized to individual markets. WebPress Pro ML is a multilingual (multi-language) content management software solution that provides an efficient way to manage the multilingual, localization of web content, including images and navigation. Support for unlimited languages and countries assure global compatibility will not be an issue when using the multilingual content management system, WebPress Pro ML.

WebPress Pro ML is a feature rich Enterprise-Level, Multilingual Content Management System that can empower your business with the tools necessary to manage a successful multi language website.

Multilingual Content Management System:

  • Unlimited languages and countries
  • Content localization
  • Unicode fully supported
  • Right-to-left, Left-to-right content flowing
  • Global content caching supported with Akamai Edge Architecture
  • Easy to use WYSIWYG editing tools
  • Distributed workload via a collaborative work environment
  • Managed approval process with user-definable workflow
  • Easy integration into your existing website
  • Scalability to meet the needs of a growing business
  • A cost-effective multilingual website solution