In the “new economy”, where being competitive means being able to quickly adapt to ever-changing market conditions, the Internet has become a valuable tool for communicating with customers and vendors. Yet, many companies have a difficult time when it comes to managing their site’s content effectively, which often times leads to out-dated or inaccurate information being presented to customers and vendors.

Enter the World of Database Driven Website Applications

What is a “database driven” or “dynamically driven” website application? Simply put, a dynamically driven web application uses a database to store web content (text, media, press releases, etc.). This web content is then pulled from the database via an application server such as ColdFusion, ASP or Java and converted into a web page “on-the-fly”. Dynamic, database-driven web applications allow for numerous possibilities. Custom applications, Content Management Systems, Inventory Tracking, Order Processing, Product Cataloging and Data Mining are just a few.

Our Database-Driven Web Development Experience

More than 95% of the web applications built by ecom enterprises are dynamic or database-driven. This in-depth knowledge and experience gives ecom enterprises a distinct advantage when it comes to developing dynamic database-driven web solutions. Whether it’s being built from our award winning eTechnology code library or being designed from scratch, the database-driven web application we build for your company will benefit from years of experience and “real-world”, firsthand knowledge.

Our Web Database Design Expertise Includes:

  • Databases – MSSQL, MS Access, Oracle, MySQL, SYBASE
  • Database Optimization – Speed and Performance
  • Full-Text Searching & Indexing – Data mining, Reports, Usability
  • Query Caching – Performance Tuning
  • Third Party Integration – Accounting, Inventory, EDI, ERP, Custom
  • Reporting & Graphing  – Executive Dashboards, Marketing Research, Sales Reports
  • Database Migration – Platform Migrations, UpGrade
  • Stored Procedures/Prepared Statements/Views
  • Complex SQL Statements
  • Transaction Processing

Our commitment to excellence ensures your web database-driven application will deliver a complete online experience – one that can be measured in performance, efficiency and a clear ROI. A web database-driven application built by ecom enterprises is a complete and comprehensive solution.